International M&A

Analogica has extensive experience in M&A. We help Japanese corporates link up with suitable foreign partners by identifying targets most suited to their business model and goals.

As Japan's population declines, more domestic companies are realising they need to expand abroad to survive.

However when companies acquire foreign businesses they do not just inherit a balance sheet and profit and loss statement they also acquire a culture that can be at odds with their own. We act as the bridge to connect business goals and blending cultures.

We also provide objective analysis on target acquisitions by ensuring independent valuation.

Our services do not end at the completion of a deal unlike other investment banks. We believe in long-term partnership building.

Independent Research

New regulations such as MiFID II are making it harder for traditional stockbrokers to promote listed companies, especially smaller market cap names.

Analogica can write independent research reports for companies that are looking to increase exposure and assist foreign investors understand their business in detail.

Independent research is also viewed as a positive step in corporate governance by proactively expanding the investor base.

Our research is not limited to listed companies. We have compiled dozens of in-depth insights on economic analysis, central bank policy, politics and contrarian viewpoints.

We believe that telling our corporates what they need to know rather than tell them what they want to hear is a key differentiator for us


Corporate Governance Advisory & Search

There is a shortage of qualified personnel in Japan to act in the best interests of shareholders.

Good corporate governance is all about transparency. Transparency is essential for shareholders in a globalising investment world.

Companies must realise that hiring independent directors is not an unnecessary cost but a sensible investment that can cast a different set of eyes on a business.

Would airlines willingly hire untrained pilots to fly its passengers?

Successful companies can also benefit from fresh insights. It is not limited to just companies in need of strategic inspiration. We can help find talent for your company.

Other Services

  • Global M&A Advisory
  • Domestic M&A Advisory
  • Independent Equity Research
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Investment Advisory
  • Corporate Governance Advisory
  • Independent Director Search
  • Real Estate Investment & Management
  • Translation Services

Political issues

The Public Pension Black Hole

Sucked into the vortex of an undiscovered universe

The beauty of pension accounting is that slight tweaks can make a large unfunded liability seemingly disappear or at the very least shrink it to “she’ll be alright mate” levels. However if a pension fund plays the game of understating its risks for long enough then eventually it catches up, especially if performance is consistently poor. This is what we are starting to see in vivid colour among state and local (S&L) governments in America. Reality is biting. Let’s jump right in.



Best practice corporate governance

Corporate Governance in Japan

Prime Minister Abe has thrust the Corporate Governance Code (the ‘Code’) on companies in Japan with the aim of bringing the country in line with best practice abroad. Its introduction has been widely welcomed by the investment community, even if in their view it is somewhat late and perhaps not enough. To be clear, Japan is right to focus on a code that fits its needs.


Company level analysis

Size Matters - the importance of inside ownership in Japan

Is it any surprise that companies tend to perform better when board members (insiders) have a higher proportion of their remuneration linked to stock performance? Shareholders have traditionally been well down the list of priorities of Japanese companies, much to the chagrin of foreign investors. Stock incentives, especially in larger corporations, are often a miniscule part of total compensation for leaders. So much so that there is little incentive to focus on chasing real returns through more aggressive strategy. Many leaders in Japan would prefer to see out their tenure as CEO without blemish or scandal to avoid the risk of failure and the shame it would inevitably bring.